The above video shows “chef” Keith Guerke’s appearances on five network morning shows in Wisconsin and Illinois. Chef Keith appeared on these shows over the holidays to promote his new cookbook, Leftovers Right, and prepare meals made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

Here’s the catch: Keith is not a chef, and he doesn’t know how to cook.

Regardless, Chef Keith demonstrated gross dishes like a ham, pie, and gravy smoothie and a mashed-potato ice cream cone with corn sprinkles.

The geniuses behind the fake Chef Keith character are Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, the creators of the Found Footage Festival which begins touring this week. Deadspin reports that Prueher, who played the part of Chef Keith, said the reporters and anchors couldn’t have been nicer to him.

Our favorite moment from Chef Keith’s disastrous TV appearances has to be when he says to one anchor, “I’m sort of unorthodox. People compare me to—are you familiar with GG Allin?

Of course, GG Allin was a misfit, punk rock singer-songwriter, who looked like this:

Prueher and Pickett said it wasn’t tough to make it on the air at the five stations (in Milwaukee, Rhinelander, and Wausau, and two in Rockford, IL), since they were all scraping the bottom of the barrel for holiday programming. But because most restaurants were closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the food used in the segments was day-old KFC.

Before Chef Keith, Prueher and Pickett invented K-Strass, the incompetent yo-yo master, who went on morning shows claiming he was a yo-yo trick champion.

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