All photos by Daniel Krieger (danielkrieger)

This year’s Village Voice Choice Eats party went down this week, bringing grub from more than 70 NYC restaurants to Pier 36 for a feasting extravaganza. After he nearly ate himself into an early grave at last year’s event, we decided to send our intrepid DJ-columnist, Dieselboy, into the fray once again with food photographer Daniel Krieger.

How did it go? Here’s a text we got after the tasting:


In case you’re confused, that means it was awesome. “Even though I left feeling like I put on the freshman 15, I had a fucking blast, and I’m stoked to check it out next year,” he says.

Read on for Dieselboy’s top 10 bites of Choice Eats 2014, from classics like smoked brisket to ice-cream flavors you never even knew existed.

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