Bready, gooey, and slathered in icing, cinnamon rolls are among the greatest breakfast-food creations around—particular if you tend toward the sweet side of the morning canon. While there’s not much shame in sneaking an oversized, cream cheese-glazed roll from Cinnabon (okay, maybe it is pretty shameful), there’s no reason you can’t be the master of your own Sunday morning cinnamon-bun destiny.

To start, we’ve provided a classic recipe that breaks down the basic steps to baking the ultimate cinnamon bun so that you have a strong foundation in place. From there, we’ve included eight over-the-top riffs—from cinnamon-roll waffles to caramel apple sticky buns—to put your newfound skills to good use.

Click through the slide show to learn how to take your cinnamon-roll game to the next level.