All is not well and good in the land of New York cheesecake and pastrami.

Carnegie Deli owner Marian Harper Levine accused her husband and his girlfriend of withdrawing at least $10 million from her bank accounts. She sued the couple for $10 million, reports NY Daily News, claiming that they have been conspiring for the last decade, forging her signature on checks written to companies that had no business with Carnegie.

Marian claimed her husband, Sanford Levine, and his girlfriend, Penkae Siricharoen, “hid money in bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, his girlfriend’s restaurants in New York and Thailand, and in bank accounts and property owned by his daughter,” reports NY Daily News. That’s some shady business.

Marian found out about her husband’s affair with Siricharoen, a former hostess at Carnegie, back in 2011. In an earlier lawsuit, Marian accused Sanford of giving his girlfriend cheap rent over the deli and tried to get her evicted. She also accused Siricharoen of stealing her cheesecake and pastrami recipes.

This isn’t the first New York deli-related lawsuit. Earlier this year, Katz’s sued “Katz & Dogs”—a food truck that touted its “Reuben Orgasm” sandwich—for jacking its swagger (a.k.a. stealing it’s name and affiliation with the orgasm).

[via NY Daily News, Eater]

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