“Killa” Cam’ron Giles is a favorite son of hip hop, but it turns out he’s not just about the beats. In a recent interview with Complex, Cam reveals that he woos album collaborators with home-cooked meals, and that he might be selling his secret shrimp seasoning sometime soon.

Cam’s friend A-Trak tells Complex that they would often drive out to Killa’s home in Jersey and chow down on the rapper’s best grub. After stuffing themselves silly, the pair headed into the studio to make an album. A-Trak laid down the beats, and Cam’ron spit his best rhymes. Cam says,

“I think the first time they came over I was cooking lamb and steak and all types of stuff. I don’t like to have sessions where everybody’s just sitting in the studio waiting. The studio’s in my crib, so I would cook some lamb, then go lay a verse, then come back upstairs and cook some steak and lay a verse, then come back upstairs and cook some shrimp and lay a verse—so we was just cooking and recording all night.”

Cam’s best dish? Killa shrimp, made with his own “secret” recipe. Nothing says success like naming a dish after yourself. Cam tells Complex,

“I can’t really reveal what I put in my seasoning. I might bottle that up and sell it soon. I’ll let you know when it’s time to reveal my secret. It wasn’t always food, but I always did my thing around the kitchen. I can’t wait to put that on my résumé.”

Cam’s Killa shrimp must have been pretty on-point, because the pair are currently promoting their new EP, Federal Reserve. They’ve even made a spoof movie trailer, called Two the Hard Way, which features “a canadian outlaw and a cereal box Killa” on the run after a bank heist. We don’t fully understand it, but we love it anyway.

Watch the trailer below.

[via Complex]

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