Modern Farmer celebrates its fourth issue with ‘Pig Week’ and the Modern Farmer ‘Ham Cam.’

From March 10th to 15th, will feature a 24-hour live stream of American Guinea Hogs from the Pettitoes farm in Warwick, Massachusetts. Yes, you can even fall asleep watching the pigs, because the cam has night vision.

The ‘Ham Cam’ will provide an in-depth view into the lives of Fannie the Sow, her offspring, and their everyday routines, which includes feedings of leftovers from the local pizza parlor everyday at 4 PM ET. Pettitoes farm owner Claudia Lewis says,

“When it is time for some grain, kitchen scraps, or, their favorite, a tote full of treats from Hillside Pizza in Bernardston, we ring a bell. When they hear that ringing, they react with much squealing, jumping, and, if we are too slow, salivating. Thank you, Temple Grandin, for teaching me that pigs experience anticipation.”

We apologize if our site’s content seems slower than usual this week—we’re probably just sitting in front of our computers, mesmerized by the Ham Cam.



[via Modern Farmer]