Many believe that the beginning of the year is just a dull, brown slog towards the green lights of St. Patrick’s day and it’s endless beer.

We’re not quite on board with the plethora of green-dyed foods that pop up around this time. But when Wondermade announced its custom Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream marshmallows, our hearts melted.

The Guinness-flavored ‘mallows are first infused with real Guinness single stout and a touch of vanilla, then rolled in crushed pretzels for the ultimate in salty, hearty taste.

As for the Bailey’s marshmallows, Wondermade infuses vanilla, coffee, and cream into the mix.


Due to high demand, the ‘mallows are backordered, but that’s okay. You can eat fluffy Guinness marshmallows any day of the year. A three-pack is $22 (so worth it).

[via Uncrate]