Brooklyn artist collective Fall On Your Sword (FOYS) took on the challenge of using tons of Pringles cans to create a working pipe organ. Gawker reports that some of the inspiration for this idea was taken from the organ in The Goonies.

The artists used Original, Sour Cream and Onion, and Tortilla Pringles to complete the organ.

Will Bates (cofounder of FOYS) and Ryan Price (the resident audio post mixer) explain how the organ works,

“We want the piece to feel like a real instrument, so the tones will be based on manipulated recordings of organ tones and resonances played through the cans themselves. Participants can make up their own tune, and have their own unique experience with the piece.”

Check out the Pringles pipe organ in its full glory below.

Photo: Gawker

Photo: Gawker