Action Bronson, the crown prince of food rap, is currently on tour in New Zealand—and you can bet he’s finding time to check out the local food scene between shows.

In the latest episode of Bronson’s web series Adventure Time, he hits Auckland to perform at Rapture Fest 2014. Instead of standing on the stage like every other act, Bronson headed straight into the crowd of 50,000. In the video, he says that he only performed four songs because he was having too much fun with his fans.

After finishing up his act, Bronson set out to pursue his greatest pleasure: a good meal. He made his way to Federal Delicatessen, a New York-style deli where he found “the only motherfucking pastrami sandwich we could find anywhere in New Zealand.”

Watch the video to see the look on Bronson’s face when he bites in (the eating excursion starts at 2:30).

Here is the official pastrami sandwich dance:

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