Zero Carbon Food wants to rethink the way we farm. The London-based commercial venture has begun a project called “Growing Underground SW4,” which is an attempt to utilize the abandoned underground places of London.

Backed by chef Michel Roux, Jr. of London’s two star La Gavroche, the initiative uses LED lights and hydroponics to grow microgreens, herbs, and leafy greens beneath the surface of the city. All produce is available for sale within the direct area, minimizing transport costs.

Many of London’s underground bunkers, dating back to WWII, have fallen into disrepair and disuse. “In the 1940s, this bunker protected thousands of Londoners. Seventy years later, it’s going to feed them,” Gizmodo UK notes.

Watch the video below of Zero Carbon Food’s original deep-level shelter exploration.

The city of London has set stringent environmental goals for the next 40 years, and Zero Carbon Food aims to help the city meet them.

The Zero Carbon Food website reads:

Our system uses 70% less water versus traditional open-field farming methods, year round production negates seasonality and therefore the necessity to import produce, drastically reducing food miles for retailers and consumers. In addition to this the crops are free from pesticides.

Growing Underground SW4 is making incredible use of a historically-significant place without destroying it. We hope the initiative succeeds.

Watch the video below to see their now-completed bunker garden.

[via Design Taxi]