Earlier this week, Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton tweeted the following Google Maps discovery:

The description of Roberta’s—the Bushwick restaurant that has come to embody the best of the Brooklyn dining scene—is both hilariously reductive and refreshingly accurate. Because let’s be honest, at the end of the day, “hipster Italian dining” is pretty much the perfect way to explain this restaurant to your friend.

As Eater founder Lockhart Steele points out, Zagat is now feeding these terse descriptions to Google as part of its partnership with the search giant.

Clearly, the Zagat copywriters have a knack for capturing the spirit of difficult-to-define restaurants and bars in a few simple words that can be crammed into a Google Map. So, we decided to put them through their paces by looking up some spots we often have trouble describing concisely—the results are both amusing and, in some cases, brilliantly on-point, like little haikus to NYC’s culinary landscape.

Scroll down to see more of our favorites.


unnamed (1)

Fixed-priced ventures are the yummiest.

Welcome to the Johnsons

unnamed (2)

“Beer from a fridge.”

Empellon Cocina

unnamed (3)

Did they go to the Empellon holiday party deejayed by Dieselboy?


unnamed (4)

The description that critics have been groping for since day one.

Chez Sardine





So true.