Sushi is a beloved—but deeply misunderstood—Japanese delicacy.

The folks over at Foodbeast dispel a few common sushi myths in their “How to Eat Sushi Like a Sensei” video (featured above). Namely:

1. Don’t dunk the rice in soy sauce—instead, dunk the fish
2. Don’t use chopsticks to eat nigiri sushi
3. Don’t pile on the wasabi 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of sushi misconceptions. In our own debunking of common sushi myths, we get to the bottom of other vexing quandaries, like:

  • Should you always use soy sauce when eating sushi?
  • Is bluefin tuna the ultimate connoisseur’s sushi?
  • Should you eat sushi with your hands?

After watching Foodbeast’s video and reading our 15 Common Sushi Myths, Debunked, you should be primed to fully enjoy—and understand—your next sushi experience.


[via Foodbeast]

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