In part one of the latest episode of VICE‘s Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie Huang heads to Dominican restaurant El Malecón in Washington Heights to eat chicken, rice and beans, plantains, and mofongo. He then heads to PCG Corp. Bodega in South Bronx, where he finds friend and WorldStarHipHop star Loopy literally chilling in a freezer.

Eddie waxes poetic about NYC’s awesomely diverse culinary landscape,

“New York is a microcosm of the world. For $2 you can take yourself anywhere, you can see anything you want to see. All the ethnic neighborhoods, they’re beautiful because you want to go on vacation, you want a three-day trip to the Dominican but you don’t got your bread, come to the heights. It may not be as good as in the Dominican, it may not be as good as in Taiwan, but it’s going to be here in some capacity. You get a taste.”

Loopy then tries to go to Mama Sushi to cop some sushi with tostones, but makes a mistake and walks into Papasito’s. (Might have to do with all that Hennessy and weed him and Huang we’re enjoying throughout the episode.) Finally, Huang gets a piece of Dominican wedding cake. Huang comments,

[pullquote]”In New York, you’re encouraged to hang onto [your culture]. There’s a real desire to preserve the culture of immigrants. That’s what’s beautiful.”[/pullquote]

Mad poignant.

sush tains

[via VICE]

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