There’s a kind of strange fascination attached to deaths, especially those of celebrities and notorious criminals. You want to know the details, but you also want to hide under your bed and pretend death doesn’t happen. We get it.

No matter how you live life, everyone goes the same way regardless. The final moments in the lives of pop-culture figures are intriguing, and we find ourselves wondering whether or not they felt death approaching, and whether they feasted on their favorite sandwich before they croaked.

Did Hitler think eating spaghetti would redeem him from a life of genocide and war? Is root beer and Camel Lights the only thing you can stomach when faced with suicidal thoughts? These questions, and so many others, remain unanswerable. It’s disconcerting thinking about what a human being craves in those last moments, but also morbidly fascinating.

Take a look through the last meals of the good, the bad, and Liberace.