We like to think we’re adventurous eaters, but everyone has a line they’d rather not cross. With some of us, it’s crustaceans and their creepy-crawly legs that disturb us. For others, it’s the animal babies: calves, lambs, and the like.

But unlike baby cows and lobsters, some of the animals we eat are truly, outrageously┬árepulsive looking. If your pan-seared monkfish looks delicious, it’s not because it started out that way; monkfish are so revolting-looking, in fact, that countries such as France once banned them, due to people being too frightened by their appearance.

Despite the fact that they look horrid, animals from geoduck to warthog can be quite tasty. For this reason, they are prepared and consumed by cultures across the globe.

Click through the gallery to see 9 of the ugliest-looking animals that we love to eat.