Thank you, Daily Mail, for introducing us to a ketchup addict who puts our nacho obsession and this guy’s plastic bag fetish to shame.

Melissa Ibbitson, a 19-year-old student from Lincoln, England, eats her own body weight in ketchup every single year—that’s £300 (about $500) spent on the condiment annually. To keep costs at a minimum, she shamelessly hoards packets of ketchup from whatever restaurant she can.

Her love for ketchup began the moment she first stepped into McDonald’s. Little did she know, that first, seemingly insignificant taste of ketchup would cause an addiction involving the consumption of three bottles of ketchup a week. “When I lived at home my mum used to get annoyed with me. I would get through the ketchup quicker than she could get to the shop to buy it,” Ibbitson told the Daily Mail.

Moving out of her home has only made her addiction worse, as Mum isn’t around to stop her from untwisting the lid of her beloved Heinz bottle. For breakfast, she eats spaghetti or beans on toast with ketchup. For lunch, she’ll have a sandwich drowned in ketchup. For dinner, she’ll have a piece of roast meat with ketchup gravy.

“I’ve tried ketchup with more or less everything,” she told the Daily Mail. Her most recent discovery? Ketchup on salad, and she insists it’s good. We think this little lady needs to be shipped off to condiment rehab.

[via Daily Mail]