We all know Sriracha can make literally anything taste good. But is it also possible that eating Rooster Sauce improves our mood?

The YouTube video above explains that red chilies give Sriracha its kick, and that chili peppers are packed with two potent molecular compounds—capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin.

These two molecules perform a trick on our nervous system: they make it think that we’ve touched something extremely temperature hot, like boiling water or molten cheese. To keep the tongue from getting burned, the brain triggers the sensation of pain.

Then, to help you deal with your pain, your brain releases endorphins—a morphine-like compound which give you a natural high. In other words, spicy peppers cause you pain at first, but then they have a pleasant, pain-numbing effect.

No wonder we keep slathering the sauce all over our rice, noodles, pizza, and bodies.

[via NPRYouTube/Reactions]

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