Refrigerator dating expert John Stonehill tells his readers whether they should continue dating someone, or give them the cold shoulder, based on the contents of the potential date’s fridge.

Stonehill launched his blog,, last fall. Since then, tons of readers have been sending him photos of their potential partner’s refrigerators.

Fourty-two-year-old Stonehill, who hails from California, decided to launch his dating site after 20 years of dating and checking his own date’s fridges, reports The Daily Mail. He’s been using this tactic to assess potential girlfriends since college. Scary.

John married his wife Rachel in 2012, after seeing that her fridge was stocked with “a nice bottle of Champagne, a bottle of wine, a couple of high-end condiments, bottled water, and some cheese.”

For people wanting to impress potential boyfriends or girlfriends, John has a list of five things every single person should have in their fridge:

  1. Wine (“There’s a reason this has worked for three thousand years.”)
  2. An hors d’ouevre (“Always have a snack on hand that doesn’t spoil easily, such as hummus or edamame.”)
  3. Bottled water (“Even if you’re in NY, where tap water is better than bottled, it puts your date at ease knowing they’re drinking a quality glass of H2O.”)
  4. Munchies in the freezer (“Be ready to feed your date if it’s too late for delivery. It’s one more reason for them to stay over.”)
  5. Dessert (“It doesn’t have to be fancy, and should never be perishable, just something fun to share. Like a pint of Häagen-Dazs, or a bar of chocolate.”)

Stonehill tells The Daily Mail,

“Face it. Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink. It provides the ultimate insight into our health, appearance, income, lifestyle, even the kind of romantic partner we’ll be. A fridge can tell you about finances, how much we exercise. What I can say is, if you’re single you’re probably eating better than when you’re married with two kids. If we look at that fridge, we can tell if someone looks after themselves. If you can’t take care of yourself now, you probably won’t later.”

What can we tell you about Stonehill from his fridge must-have list? He wants to kill the environment by drinking bottled water—on the other hand, he understands that late-night munchies are an essential, so we give him some credit.

And now, here’s some refrigerator RED FLAGS from Stonehill: