Southern cuisine, in the minds of a large chunk of Americans, is a blanket term limited to classics such as biscuits and gravy, collard greens, and fried chicken. This narrow view of the region’s gastronomy can be attributed to the watered-down menu offerings at mainstream Southern restaurants in other parts of the country.

Dishes such as tomato pie, haystacks, and crescent chicken seem to be gems found only in true Southern kitchens, and they are so foreign to non-Southerners that they may as well come from an entirely different continent. We’ve been guilty of scratching our heads and questioning the unfamiliar comfort foods of our Southern belle photographer, Liz Barclay, who grew up in Georgia eating her “mema’s” milk-drenched-biscuits and watching her “pepa” eat “shit on a shingle” (don’t worry, it’s a nickname for creamed beef on toast). As an homage to Liz and the culinary treasures of the South, we’ve put together a list of quintessentially southern comfort foods for y’all.

Check out these 10 southern dishes you’ve probably only heard of if you’re from the South.