Are you alone this Valentine’s Day? Well, your soulmate might be out there right now on OKCupid—in the form of saucy, cheesy pizza.

Yes, Pizza Hut is on OKCupid looking to find “the one.” Although Pizza Hut gets marriage proposals “every day” on Twitter, the pizza chain has been a little let down by the prospects so far. There have been more than 10,000 social-media proposals from fans in 22 countries and every state except South Dakota over just the last year. But no one has been right.

From Pizza Hut’s OKCupid profile:

In our 55 years waiting for The One, we’d always pictured the big moment to be a little more… Great.

So we’re ready to find that someone to be involved in the Greatest Proposal Ever. We’re looking for someone who brings outrageous enthusiasm to the everyday moments; the one with a zany sense of adventure and a rad personality.”

The rest of the page explains how fans can get in the running for a lifetime commitment from Pizza Hut, or at least a lifetime of free pizza. “Today, after 56 years of being unattached, Pizza Hut is prepared to commit.”

Those interested are instructed to tweet Pizza Hut an Instagram video or Vine tagged #CommitToGreatness (a nod to the chain’s current campaign about “greatness”) by Feb. 21. In their submissions, fans should detail their most creative marriage proposal ideas.

Let’s take a look at one of the greatest submissions so far:

At first, we thought this whole thing was a little weird. But we’re starting to realize: cheese doesn’t betray you, and sauce will never let you down.

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