Thanks to this guy, we now have a valid excuse to keep our beards growing. Sorry, beard-hating girlfriends.

Art director Pierce Thiot and his photographer wife, Stacy Thiot, have created an unusual Tumblr called Will It Beard that features photos of Pierce’s beard embellished with bits and pieces of household objects ranging from straws to noodles, and even lighted matchsticks.

How does one come up with such genius? Pierce tells Buzzfeed,

“Over Christmas break, my mom had her grandkids do a talent show for her (she’s an adorable grandma). I tried to put as many pencils as possible in it for my ‘talent’. I got over 20. Needless to say, my mother was very proud.”

From there, it only made sense to test what else his beard could hold.

Curious to see if his beard can handle an order of large fries or a pack of Twizzlers? Leave a comment on his Tumblr or Instagram—he’s open to suggestions.

[via Laughing Squid, Will It Beard]