Since the Grammy’s last month, Pharrell has rarely been seen without his ridiculous new Vivienne Westood “Mountain” hat—the same hat that launched the Arby’s tweet that launched a thousand thinkpieces about how brands can win on social media (not to mention endless memes comparing Skateboard P to Spongebob, The Mountie, etc.).

Now, he’s auctioning off the hat—which, again, he has not taken off for a month—on eBay to raise money for From One Hand to AnOTHER, Pharrell’s charity for youth. The auction ends on March 2, but the bidding has already soared over $10,000. It started at $200, the original price of the hat.

To help promote the auction, Pharrell acknowledged Arby’s joke and challenged the chain to ante up:

We’ll see how high the bidding climes, but 10 Gs seems like chump change for a roast-beef empire like Arby’s. The brand should definitely buy it, fill it with sandwiches, and take a Twitpic. Because sometimes it costs money to win the Internet.

Despite the absurdity of auctioning a hat that “took social media by storm,” at least the money will make its way to a good cause.


[via eBay]