Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont’s most legendary frozen-treats purveyor, has come up with a new creation called Ben & Jerry’s Cores. Each pint costs $4.39, and includes a core center of fudge, caramel, or raspberry jam, surrounded by ice cream.

At first we were super excited and thinking about how we’d like to dive into a pint (possibly after enjoying some herb)—kind of like you are right now. Then, we saw Huffington Post’s picture of the Cores in real life. They look NOTHING like what’s promised by the ad on Ben & Jerry’s website.


BuzzFeed food editor Emily Fleischaker also expressed confusion over the disparity.

The fudge “core” is small and not even slightly as fudgy-looking as what’s promised. Often times, real life can crush our fantasies. Nevertheless, we plan on going H.A.M. on a pint of “Hazed & Confused” later this month when the Core flavors hit stores.

[via Huffington Post, Twitter]

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