Today in seafood news, NPR brings word of a Guinness World Record-shattering oyster that measures 14 inches long and lives in Denmark. The beast of a bivalve was discovered by the folks at Wadden Sea Centre, where it is still alive. Apparently, it had five other regular-size oysters clinging to it, probably believing it to be the mother ship that would take them to a better life.

Below, you can get a better sense of the oyster’s massive size in relation to the hands of the Wadden Sea Centre’s director, Klaus Melbye:


As with all marine-life discoveries, our first question is obviously, Can you eat it? Anyone who has a problem with plump, meaty oysters might balk at the idea, but maybe you could chop it up and use it in a “single-origin” oyster pan roast?

Or maybe we should just let this wonderful creature be great at the Sea Centre.

[via NPR/Fine Dining Lovers]

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