What started off as a cruel prank on an ex-girlfriend has landed a man with a $297 bill and potential criminal charges if he doesn’t pay up. For shits and giggles, a man in Fergus Falls decided to seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend by sending her 20 pizzas she didn’t order. And no, this man is not in the fifth grade, he is a grown-ass adult.

Besides setting Domino’s back nearly $300, the fake order delayed the restaurant’s operations by about an hour. This caused actual orders to arrive later than usual, and hungry customers were less willing to give out the tips that delivery drivers depend on to make a living.

Imagining the ridiculous look on the ex’s face when she received a huge stack of pies made us giggle, but the folks over at Dominos were not amused. Gabrielle Fietzek, the unfortunate delivery driver who had to deliver the pies, told Valley News Live,

“Some people don’t understand how much effort I put into going out there and trying to make a living and make people happy.”


Dominos put the extra pizzas to good use by delivering them to the police, fire department, and local ambulance service in town.

[via Consumerist]

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