Thank you, VICE, for introducing the world to Dan Janssen, a 38-year-old woodworker from Maryland whose diet is made up of nothing but one entire 14″ cheese pizza a day. No vegetables. No fruits. No meat. Just crust, sauce, and cheese.

Dan’s anything-but-nutritious diet began with a mid-teen decision to become a vegetarian, a decision that would make sense if he actually liked vegetables. Today, he has diabetes and low blood sugar levels that result in black outs. One black out landed him on the kitchen floor in his underwear with frozen food scattered around him, and another black out happened while he was driving home in a brand new car.

These issues aside, Janssen thinks his diet is working out just fine for him. “I must say, even though I sound like a horribly unhealthy and fat person, I’m not. I’m thin. I have tons of energy, and I feel great every day, so there might be something to the exclusive pizza diet,” he tells VICE.

While the average person craves diversity, Janssen finds variation in the form of a sprinkle or two of oregano, or a different pizza shop or brand.

Despite the fact that he’s been seeing a therapist for his addiction, it doesn’t look like he’ll be switching things up anytime soon. Janssen says, “Pizza is like sex—even when it’s bad, it’s good.

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