Last week, a South Carolina man tried to pay his Valentine’s Day lunch tab at Applebee’s with a $1 trillion bill, according to police.

More precisely, Michael Williams tried to pay the bill with his debit card, but after it was declined, he offered to pay his tab with a $1 trillion bill. That’s the most badass move that’s ever gone down in an Applebee’s, point blank.

The police were promptly called to the restaurant, where they arrested the man.

As it turns out, Williams was arrested on an unrelated pending charge of contempt of magistrate’s court. He was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay $262 in court fees—presumably with real rather than fake money.

Sumter S.C. police are still investigating the $1 trillion bill scenario, “though it remains unclear how seriously Williams himself took the attempt.”

[via Telegraph, Fox 8]