MAD Magazine’s Josh MeCouch has taken ridiculous, nonsensical Google searches and created hilarious illustrations of them for CollegeHumor.

The phrases that come up as auto-completion search prompts are weird, hilarious, and perplexing. We’ve done a little Googling of our own to figure out why, exactly, people are Googling these seemingly ridiculous phrases in the first place.

Scroll down to see our favorite illustrated queries.

“Biscuits are never boring”


What is this in reference to?

Biscuits are NEVER Boring is the name of a lifestyle blog. From the site: “Come along with me to read about life of a 40 something wife and stay at home mother featuring the antics of my wonderful husband and 3 delightful children.”

“Squirrels are the devil’s oven mitts”

devil's oven mitts

What is this in reference to?

This one’s a bit difficult, but we tracked it down on an obscure Muppet Forum. Apparently those exist, and they attribute the quote to Miss Piggy. “Did you know that squirrels are the Devil’s oven mitts?”

“Never put jam on a magnet”


What is this in reference to?

Comedian Eddie Izzard, joking about St. Paul’s endless instructional letters to the Corinthians. “Here we go: Don’t do bad things, only do good things. Always treat your neighbour like someone who lives near to you. Never put a sock in a toaster. Never put jam on a magnet. Never throw your Granny in a bag. Never suck all the juice out of a vampire. Never lean over on Tuesday.”

“Pop Tarts are not Kleenex”

pop tarts

What is this in reference to?

Texts from Last Night, which catalogues the best of your drunken texts by area code. “(903): pop tarts are not kleenex.”

“Tomorrow I will scald myself with tea”


What is this in reference to?

This seems to be a corruption of Tomorrow I Will Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea, a “1977 Czechoslovak comical science fiction film.”

“Americans think obama is a cactus”


What is this in reference to?

The Onion‘s hilarious article, “Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Believe Obama is a Cactus.” Also, we fully realize this one isn’t related to food, but it was too good to leave out.

[via CollegeHumor]