We thought Don Antonio’s ‘fried’ montanara pizza was pretty revolutionary—that is, until we heard about the “flaming volcano pizza dome.”

Nora Asplund and Kim Moutsopoulosare of Aspen Landing in Menasha, WI, have upped the pizza ante by introducing the midwest to a double-crusted, dome-shaped pizza that doubles as a fire hazard. The pizza is ignited with alcohol and once the flame has burned out, the dome is removed and served with a homemade marinara dipping sauce. Underneath, the dome is a normal pizza that’s already been cooked to order—sort of like a calzone (minus the flaming dinner show).

Available only on Saturdays, the Volcano Pizza is priced appropriately at $10.95 and comes in one size with up to three toppings.

Can’t quite wrap your head around what it looks like? Here’s a video from a restaurant in Bali that serves a similar sort of spectacle.

[via Slice]

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