Two Tampa, FL McDonald’s locations are transforming into romantic, full service sit-down restaurants for Valentine’s Day, reports the Tampa Bay Times reports. “Move over foie gras, because it’s all about the big macs and fries with a side of candlelight because McDonald’s is taking reservations and they are filling up,” Channel 10 News reports.

I don’t think it would fly with anyone, any girl that wants to have a real date for Valentine’s day,” one Tampa Bay lady tells a news reporter in the video below.

Don’t be too quick to judge, though. Your McDonald’s cheeseburgers will be served on a silver platter by candlelight. The reporter makes the astute observation that “It sure saves some money and it beats waiting for a table.

The McDonald’s store manager says tonights reservations are filling up (obviously), so call now. Alternatively, you can go to this Mickey D’s location in North Carolina, which is hosting its third annual “Candlelight Dinner” on Valentine’s Day, complete with “musical selections from Ron.”

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