Everybody knows that choosing a first-date restaurant is the most stressful, high-stakes decision you’ll ever have to make—like Sophie’s Choice and Margin Call all rolled into one. On a first date, the meeting place you choose is the first thing this stranger will learn about you; get it terribly wrong and no matter what you say or do during the night, her mind will already be made up. On the other hand, the right choice will win you a second date before you even open your mouth—keep racking up points over the rest of the night and you’re on a fast track to the end zone (whatever that means).

But it doesn’t end with the first date. For as long as you’re in a relationship, you’re going to have to keep making important date choices, and it never really gets easier. What do you do three months in when Valentine’s Day rolls around? Where do you take someone to tell her to back up without breaking up? And what the hell do you do when you want to propose?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve narrowed down the ideal place to take a date, no matter if you’ve known each other for five minutes or five years. From low-key bars that just happen to have great food, to restaurants that scream “let’s open a joint bank account,” your next date spot awaits.

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