Let’s face it: Ground up raw chicken meat made on a mass level will probably never look appetizing.

McDonald’s Canada recently addressed what’s actually inside a McDonald’s Chicken Nugget, and released the video below. Turns out, McNuggets aren’t made from that infamous pink slime or human fetuses.

The McNugget making process starts with whole chickens, that are sliced up and separated into different cuts. The chicken breast is separated and collected into a bin. The bin of breasts is then ground up and chicken skin and seasoning is added to a meat blender. The blended chicken is then shaped into the four official chicken nugget shapes and dabbed with a light and heavy batter.

So it doesn’t look that appealing when it’s made, but it’s still chicken. Of course, there’s no mention of how the chickens are raised in the first place, which is another issue raised by people who abstain from nuggets. We’ll see if McDonald’s tackles that one in one of its subsequent videos.

[via Gizmodo]