Britain cannot get enough of hot dogs, according to a recent survey which reveals that franks showed up on 191% more menus this past year. Yes, hot dogs are the No. 14 food in terms of menu presence, putting them ahead of traditional British favorite fish & chips, reports Burger Business.

Meanwhile, burgers remain the most common item on British menus, but their growth has slowed.

Brits seem focused on making their dogs seem posh by using fancy names like “The Scottie Dog,” and incorporating healthier ingredients and international influence. Our favorite example is “The Slumdog Millionaire” at Dogs N Dough in Manchester, which includes Bombay-style potatoes, tikka masala, and raita.

On this side of the ocean, we stick to the classics. If David Cameron were to ask us, we would give him some advice for Britain on the best ways to go about making the perfect dog.

Here are some of our favorite regional hot dog specialties.

The Sonoran Dog

Ingredients: Mesquite-smoked bacon, beans, onions, tomatoes, mayo, cream, mustard, salsa
Popular in: The Southwest

The NY System Hot Weiner

Ingredients: Pork dog seasoned with paprika, cumin, allspice, and chili powder
Popular in: Rhode Island

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

The Oki Dog

Ingredients: Two dogs, a tortilla, pastrami, and chili
Popular in: West Hollywood

Photo: Kogi BBQ

Photo: Kogi BBQ

The Surf and Turf Dog

Ingredients: Hot dog and fishcake, in the same bun
Popular in: Philadelphia

The Seattle-style Dog

Ingredients: One dog, split in half, with cream cheese and grilled onions
Popular in: Washington

[via Burger Business]

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