Album art should be eye-catching and provocative, and incorporating food (and sex) into the visuals is a sure-fire way to grab people’s attention. Just take The Darkness’ 2012 Hot Cakes cover, which features golden bikini-clad ladies covered in maple syrup sitting atop oversized pancakes. Alternatively, there’s the 1969 Let It Bleed cover depicting a cake with layers comprised of a plate, film canister, clock face, pizza, tire, and miniature figurines of the Stones playing a concert. All we know is, we love to stumble upon a vintage record donning a beautiful, food-splattered sleeve—or at least to see tasty new artwork pop up on a Spotify playlist.

From Yeah Yeah Yeahs to George Benson, we pay tribute to some of the greatest food-themed covers of all time, including a few obscurities you might have missed. Click through the gallery above to see them all.

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