It’s been a rough past few months for sugar. The intensifying public health debate about the link between sugar and health issues—including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer—has put pressure on food and beverage companies to decrease the amount of sugar they use in their products. But Charles Mills, an analyst at Credit Suisse, points out,

“Reducing or removing sugar has a host of complications for the food industry, including taste, formulation, texture, regulatory, labelling, etc.” 

We’ve become so used to these sugars lurking in our foods that manufacturers fear a compromise on taste would lead to a loss of sales.


We casually sip on grande Vanilla Frappuccinos, unaware that they carry the same amount of sugars as five Krispy Kreme donuts. We think we’re being healthy by slurping down a Jamba Juice that in reality has more sugar than a can of coke. Will we continue to do so if we’re being told just how much sugar we’re intaking?

With an increase in conclusive proof that sugar is toxic to our health, we can only hope the food and beverage industry will respond.

[via Financial Times]

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