Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

How Pete Seeger Influenced the Way We Eat [via Bon Appetit]

Singer and activist Pete Seeger once said, “Share the eats, share the drinks, be of good cheer, and if we work together, maybe tomorrow we won’t die quite so quickly.” Here’s a food-focused look at the life of Seeger, who was a tireless advocate for environmental preservation.—Erin Mosbaugh

The Science Behind Why Fat Tastes So Good [via Gizmodo]

The fact that it feels good in your mouth (that’s what she said) is just the beginning.—Chris Schonberger

What Does a Food Stylist Do? [via Serious Eats]

Jaya Saxena goes behind the scenes with food stylist Lisa Holm. Of particular note: The difference between editorial and commercial shoots, of which Holm says, “Early in my career, I assisted on a fast food commercial, and I lasted one day. I literally sat in a room for 10 hours gluing sesame seeds on a bun, and I thought ‘This is not the type of food styling I want to do.'”—Chris Schonberger

Undercover at the U.N. Lounge, Where Diplomats Get Drunk and Handsy [via New Republic]

A lot of diplomatic negotiating goes down at the U.N. bar post–6pm, as well as some intern ass-grabbing.—Erin Mosbaugh

The Myth of Sommelier Certification, Debunked [via Punch]

“‘Sommelier’ isn’t an abstract title or a generic, yet high-brow name for ‘wine expert’—it’s a job,” writes Carson Demmond. “A restaurant job. And certification is by no means prerequisite to being a good one.”—Chris Schonberger

Red Sauce Worth Mastering [via The New York Times]

Julia Moskin brings us a video recipe for her simple, perfect marinara sauce. “Done right, it explains why spaghetti with tomato sauce is a dish that a person might crave virtually every day,” writes Moskin.—Erin Mosbaugh

America, Your Food is So Gay [via John Birdsall]

ICYMI: John Birdsall discusses the role of gays in the American restaurant industry.—Liz Barclay