In the world of farming, there’s nothing more annoying than a badly behaved chicken. Chickens may be snuggly infants, but they sure don’t grow up that way. They turn into cranky, clucking adults that have more important things to do than lay you eggs for breakfast.

Amy Rawson of Third Roar decided to document the ridiculous antics of her own crop of chickens, attaching signs around their necks à la Hester Prynne (work with us here).

Chicken shaming is even funnier than its predecessor, dog shaming, because the chickens clearly couldn’t care less about their attitude problems. Our favorites include sticky eggs, and unrequited sexual desire.

Scroll down for the funniest chicken shaming on the Internet.


She can’t leave the house without seeing how True Detective ends.


 There’s a proverb for this: “Don’t lay all your eggs in one basket.”


Cannibalism is both natural and healthy, said nobody ever.


Hey, man, it completes us, too. Mondays—amirite?


Beer goggles can do that to you.


This is like the Tucker Max of chickens.


You should probably see a doctor about that.

[via Third Roar]