Last night, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade informed the world via Twitter that he tried fish for the first time…ever.

Of course, D-Wade’s first pescatarian adventure didn’t involve just any ol’ plate of fish—he went straight for the famed sea bass at Nobu, and by the looks of things rocked the black truffle upgrade to boot. (Obviously, Wade could purchase an entire truck-load filled with black truffles, which sell for more than $1,200 a pound, but we wonder if he was tasting more truffle than fish).

Not to get too emotionally invested in another person’s eating habits, but isn’t it kind of odd that a millionaire living near the ocean in Miami with a private chef (a.k.a., @chefrli, or Richard Ingraham) would never have eaten fish before? We also feel obligated to point out that Dwyane Wade met the president and won three NBA Championship rings before ever eating fish. Seems a bit backwards, no?

Either way, we’re glad Flash is broadening his culinary horizons, and embracing fish, which is a delicious protein filled with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants—all good stuff for a ball player.

Wade’s 4.6 million Twitter fans (and 2.7 million Instagram followers) have been supportive, and they’re encouraging him to try other fish besides sea bass.

[via Instagram]

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