Ever think to yourself, “I love the smell of an airport terminal at 6am, when I get off a red-eye and decide to drown my self-hate in icing-slathered cinnamon rolls.” Well, now you can bring that olfactory sensation right into your home with Cinnabon-scented air fresheners. They’re perfect for covering up the smell of vomit the night after you drink too much Cinnabon vodka.

Here’s a nice four-star review of it on Amazon:

This has a nice, fresh, clean smell. I’m not personally into the fruity or heavy floral scents. This one simply smells like you’re doing laundry.

Mmm, fat-man laundry. Over at Air Wick’s site, one “55 to 64″ year-old male is not so convinced:


Let’s let Louis C.K. be the tie breaker…

[via Foodbeast]