Every once in a while, a company tries so hard to connect with the social media generation that they miss by miles and end up becoming the laughing stock of the internet.

Such is the case with frozen foods brand Birds Eye, which just released a line of bake-able mashed potato shapes called Mashtags. The frozen potatoes come shaped like hashtags, emoticon hearts, and “@” symbols. There are 5 shapes in all.

We can almost see the boardroom full of marketing executives thinking, “Yes! Kids love Twitter! Kids must also want to eat Twitter-themed frozen potatoes!”

Pete Johnson, senior brand manager at Birds Eye, told Pocket-Lint:

“The addition of Mashtags to our food range is an exciting development for Birds Eye. Social media is all about conversation and we’re confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and inspire consumers and hope that Mashtags will get people talking around the table and help to make mealtimes more enjoyable.”

A bag of mashtags will run you £1.75 ($2.92) at UK grocery stores, including Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

We hope Mashtags come stateside so that we, too, can bite into warm, flaky hashtags.

[via FoodBeast]