Today, news broke that 7-Elevens in Washington D.C. are testing out a new product called “Doritos Loaded”.

Kevin Cobb tweeted a photo of the snacks as early as January 28th, and Junk Food Guy has already done a full review of the product. He reports,

“New 7-Eleven Doritos Loaded were SUPER crispy outside. I wasn’t sure if these had started out in the deep fryer, but whatever the case, these were CRISPY – like the outsides of perfect mozzarella sticks.

I actually bit into this one – while it was crispy, and sort of smelled like a Dorito, it did not TASTE like Dorito, and was SUPER SALTY.  Salty breading with some cheese flavor.  Ugh.”

Reinventing a classic (the mozzarella stick) with nacho cheese flavor is certainly a move straight out of the Taco Bell playbook, which is why we can straight-up call 7-Elevens’ “Doritos Loaded” snack pure swagger jackery.

Regardless, people are getting (sort of) pumped about the potential new 7-Eleven menu item:

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[via Food Beast]