We always thought we were lucky if Mom even bothered to put a bag of Oreos in our lunch, but clearly our moms were not on Jurgen Steenwelle’s level.

The Dutch graphic designer has been getting a lot of media attention recently for his Instagram. He ‘grams illustrations made on banana peels. Steenwelle’s incredibly detailed banana peels include everything from ducks to Venecian gondolas.

The bananas go into a packed lunch for his 5-year-old daughter, Rhodee.

Steenwelle told the Huffington Post:

“For me the main criterion for the drawing on the banana is the shape of the banana. The shape (and sometimes the color) is the leading and the essential part of the drawing. I take the time to look at the shape, the curves, and try to imagine what it (partly) reminds me of, what has the same shape or contours more of less. The next step is to draw it as precisely as possible on the banana with a normal ballpoint-pen.”

Whatever the process, we’re positive Steenwell’s kids are the coolest in the lunchroom. Your mom cut the crusts off your PB&J? Cool. My banana has an alien head. Pretty much the dream of every grade school kid.

Take a look through our favorite illustrations, then visit Steenwelle’s Instagram for more.


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