The first Kit Kat specialty store on Earth will open in Japan on January 17th, reports Kotaku. It will be called Kit Kat Chocolatory, and it will be located in the basement of the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district.

IT Media reports that the Kit Kat Chocolatory will offer Kit Kats that are tailored to adult tastes, and the Kit Kat flavors will change seasonally. The specialty shop is teaming up with pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai of sweet shop Le Patissier Takagi to develop new Kit Kat variations.

The first limited-edition Kit Kats offered at the store will be the “Sublime Bitter”—which is made with couverture chocolate—“Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea,” which uses extract powder from cherry blossoms, and “Special Chili,” which has a chili pepper cream in between the wafers. And this is only the first selection in what is expected to be a long line of crazy awesome Kit Kat flavors.

Kit Kat has previously collaborated with chef Takagai for inventive Kit Kats sold across Japan, including wine-flavored, strawberry tart-flavored, and brandy and orange flavored Kit Kats.

Is it us, or does everything awesome open in Japan?

Photo: IT Media

Photo: IT Media

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