We don’t even know what to do with the news that Adam Fleischman, creator of the genius Umami Burger, wants to open a restaurant solely devoted to chocolate fried chicken.

Eater LA reports that Fleischman “is going for a version of new school fried chicken wherein the chicken’s fry batter is infused with chocolate. And no, don’t expect anything like mole.” We can see there being cocoa powder in the batter for the fried chicken—or maybe there will be actual chocolate nibs? We also see how this combo makes some sense, given the whole chicken and waffles thing. But a part of us is just like…


We can only wait for Adam Fleischman to prove us wrong. The restaurant, which will replace Downtown L.A. wine spot Corkbar, will be called ChocoChicken. It will feature a full wine bar and offer homestyle sides like freshly baked biscuits.

ChocoChicken is slated to open in March 2014 in the South Park District of Downtown Los Angeles at 403 W. 12 St. You can follow them on Twitter leading up to their opening here.

[via The Braiser]

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