It’s annual sport for copyeditors and other grammar mavens to correct people’s Super Bowl errors. “It’s Super Bowl, not Superbowl. We go through this every year,” is basically the nerd mantra of January. But the Colorado catering company that put up this accidentally revolting ad—captured by a professional copyeditor on Twitter, of course—is a million times more unfortunate than a missing space.

Of course, the copywriter at La Cuisine of Evergreen isn’t the only one guilty of turning the year’s biggest football game into a fecal jamboree. If his tattoo is for real, this man’s got bigger problems on his hands than a little social-media shaming:


And, needless to say, there’s now a Twitter account devoted solely to retweeting people who are excited about the “Super Bowel”:




Pro tip: If you order enough Taco Bell next Sunday, you really could have the best of both worlds.
[via Deadspin]

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