NPR reports that sushi chefs are ticked off about a new California law that makes it illegal for culinary workers to touch uncooked food with their bare hands. NPR caught up with Toshi Sugiura, the owner of sushi Bar Hayama in Los Angeles.

“Sugiura was making spicy tuna rolls with gloves on when we caught up with him recently. He has made thousands of these rolls before, molding each grain of rice with great attention and precision.

‘Looks OK to me,’ he says, eyeing one in his hands. ‘But still it really feels — something different. I’ve been doing 30 years making sushi, and it’s never been using gloves!'”

Sugiura says that his sense of touch is lost in loose fitting, disposable gloves, but that he’ll reluctantly wear the gloves because he wants to follow the law. Bartenders are similarly up in arms about the new California law.

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