It’s no secret: giant corporations are taking over independently-owned and operated businesses at an increasingly rapid rate. As large businesses are acquired by even larger ones, America is becoming a country controlled by only a handful of mega corporations. We’ve found that a number of brands we thought were independent—like Stonyfield and Kashi—are actually owned by global corporations like Dannon and Kellogg’s. And sometimes, corporate giants create brands internally that feel independent in order to tap into a new market—as is the case with Miller Coors’ Blue Moon beer.

The question we’re all asking ourselves is: at what point does the parent company start to interject their corporate philosophy into the brand they’ve acquired? When do they start cutting corners, lessening quality standards, and stop caring about the sourcing of ingredients? It really depends whether the brand owner is devoted to keeping his original commitment to quality or making a pretty penny from the buyout.

Click through the slideshow and see if you’re surprised by any of these seemingly independent brands.