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Why Eating with Dieters is the Worst [via The Observer]
This article, about how extreme dieters are ruining dinner parties for everyone else, really hit home—not so much because I experience it a lot, but because my mom is forever complaining about it. Not only is it boring, but going on and on about how you “shouldn’t” eat this or that makes others feel unnecessary guilt and sucks the joy out of a good communal meal.—Chris Schonberger

Peter Meehan Searches for Transcendent Uni in Hokkaido [via Bon Appetit]
“In the nights leading up to my trip, I counted uni donburi like sheep as I fell asleep. I intended to spend every morning of my trip scouring fish markets for raw unidonburi—it is customary, I had read, to eat bowls of steaming rice heaped with raw seafood for breakfast.”—Erin Mosbaugh

The Death of a Freeloader [via Grub Street]
Hugh Merwin of Grub Street recounts the tale of a Belgian man who claimed to have skipped out on the bill at more than 100 restaurants. He’s now dead, leaving behind a trail of mystery. You’ve got to wonder, who will play him in the movie?—Chris Schonberger

Performance Art Dinner Theater [via The NY Post]
The owners of The Box in downtown Manhattan recently opened the Diamond Horseshoe, where dinner is a “performance” filled with acrobatics, burlesque, and rosemary-infused cocktails (with names like The Queen’s Bush). The weirdest part? Diners are served surf and turf at random.—Liz Barclay

Why Does French Coffee Suck? [via Roads and Kingdoms]
For a culture anchored by cafes, the French drink some pretty suspect coffee. Roads & Kingdoms takes a look at why that might be, and how it’s changing.—Chris Schonberger

A Look at (Very) Limited Craft Beers [via NYT]
Hill Farmstead is one of at least three Vermont craft breweries that is churning out small batches of highly sought-after beers. The brewery’s owner, Shaun Hill, has firm plans to keep the operation small. Mr. Hill’s story offers lessons in how limiting production can bring success.—Erin Mosbaugh

A Closer Look at Expiration Dates [via Salon]
Trader Joe’s’ former president wants to sell you the food that other stores throw out. It’s a revolutionary idea, but will it work?—Liz Barclay