KFC worker Naquasia LeGrand is organizing fast food workers to demand a higher minimum wage through her campaign “Fast Food Forward.” Over the past year, the campaign has grown significantly, so Steven Colbert brought LeGrand on The Colbert Report to chat. LeGrand helps organize flash strikes in cities around the U.S. to help push for a $15 per hour minimum wage at fast food restaurants.

Colbert opens the discussion with this priceless line,

“I have never spoken to someone in your industry without yelling the phrase, ‘How long does it take to fry something? Where’s my order!?'”

Colbert’s imitation of an upper middle class Republican who owns shares of Yum foods and hates welfare is on point.

LeGrand goes onto explain that she now make $8 an hour—up from a wage of $7.25 per hour last year—because fast food workers like herself stood up and had a voice.

Colbert argues extra money comes out of consumer’s pockets, and McDonald’s customers might not like paying an extra 5 cents so that LeGrand can have a higher wage and benefits. Colbert then asks, “Why not just work more?”

“I don’t know if your people told you, I worked at two KFC’s and still couldn’t make it. I still have a metro card I need, I still have a family to feed, i still need to pay bills, and I still could not do that with working at two KFC’s.”

LeGrand is only allowed to work 15 hours per week at each KFC, because the company wants to keep its employees working under 30 hours a week so it doesn’t have to pay them healthcare. And because her manager refuses to give LeGrand a set schedule, it’s nearly impossible for her to get a second job to make ends meet.

Colbert’ next hilarious quip:

Hey, these corporations are there to make money, young lady. If you wanted to make more money, why didn’t you have the foresight to be a multi-national corporation?” 

To which LeGrand replies, “Steve, I don’t know about all that, I’m just trying to have a living wage.

And in case you were wondering, LeGrand likes original recipe chicken, not extra crispy.

Watch the Colbert Report segment below.

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