In a recent interview with WIRED, self-proclaimed “pizza box expert” Scott Wiener reveals the results of his extensive quest to find the best pizza box in the world. He should know, because he currently holds the Guinness World Record for most pizza boxes.

Until recently, his top pick was from Mario Batali’s Eataly. But the Italians have been ousted by one very special box from India.

WIRED writes:

“It’s not an exaggeration to say the man is obsessed with pizza. But even calling him obsessed doesn’t sufficiently illustrate his love affair with the food. For the past six years, the Brooklyn-based pizza aficionado/tour guide has been amassing a huge collection of pizza boxes. And we’re not talking 50 or 100. No no, Wiener has collected more than 650 boxes from 45 countries around the world.”

Wiener says that his new favorite pizza box is culturally important because India has the fastest growing pizza industry in the world. The box, called VENTiT, is from an engineer who has worked with cardboard for over 35 years. And the results are incredible, according Wiener.

WIRED explains that most corrugated cardboard used for pizza boxes is made from three layers of paper glued together. In the VENTiT, however, the bottom and top layers are cut separately from the middle. This redesign allows maximum airflow without producing any visible holes in the box, which keeps your pizza warm and crusty.

The corrugated cardboard pizza box from India. (Photo: WIRED)

The corrugated cardboard pizza box from India. (Photo: WIRED)


As of now, this box only exists in India and Wiener’s apartment.

Watch the video above to see Wiener’s review of pizza boxes from around the world.

[via Wired]